Why ProPermits?

Applicant portal to apply for and manage building permits

ProPermits was designed to meet the specific requirements of the municipal building department and their desire to streamline the application and communication process with applicants.

The ProPermits portal allows applicants to apply for permits, see upcoming inspections and outstanding deficiencies, signal to the building department when deficiencies have been rectified, all through an easy to use web interface.

Key Benefits

Applicants can keep track of all permit applications, inspections, and deficiencies
Easy to use application
Integrates with ProOffice and ProInspector
Improves communication between applicants and the building department
Integrates your GIS/GPS maps
Cloud based

Process Visibility

ProPermits provides a window into the permit process allowing municipal residents, builders, and contractors to see real time status of their permits.

Permit Management

ProPermits provides a simple and easy to use web portal to allow municipal stakeholders to digitally generate permits.

It also provides enhanced communications tools to keep municipal clients on top of all permit workflow updates. It also serves up detailed status reports on all inspections and deficiencies in real time.

Cloud Based

No need to install and maintain expensive servers. ProPermit and all of our services are cloud based.

Why Choose ProInspector


Making the change to ProInspector is nearly effortless and allows you to increase efficiency almost immediately.

Custom Reports

Besides built-in reports for MPAC, Tarion, Statistics Canada, and CMHC, you can also generate custom internal reports such as year end, council reports, or other reports you require.

Import Legacy Data

Looking to make the change? We can import permits from other applications.

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