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What is ProMaintenance ?

Workflow software for managing work orders

ProwareLabs developed ProMaintenance as a solution to help improve work order workflow.

The easy to use application allows you to create and manage work orders and assign them to your work crews. See changes in real-time through the live feed and see things move forward as it happens.

Key Benefits

Incredibly easy to use applications build with maintenance workflow in mind
Easily assign work orders to your team
Receive an on-site picture of the completed job
Cloud based
Quickly see which work orders are outstanding so nothing fall through the cracks
Mobile app for workers in the field
A clear picture of the status of all work order progress
Find what's going on through the activity feed
Reduced paperwork
Generate custom reports

Need semi-custom solution?

Should you require a customization to ProMaintenance … we can do that! Do you have a specific project with custom requirements … we can do that too! Our team of expert programmers and designers would be happy to assist you with any customization.

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How does it work?

  • ProMaintenance is both a desktop and mobile app. When a new work order is issued in the office, employees in the field can use the mobile app to retrieve those work orders on the go.
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