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Why ProInspector?

Send your reports perfectly every time.

ProInspector was designed to meet the specific requirements of the municipal building department and their obligatory reporting to province.

ProInspector software advances the department efficiency for issuing and managing building permits, inspections, and reporting. ProInspector collects and organizes all building permit information providing clear status reports for improved decision making and communications to inspectors and the public.

Key Benefits

Simple and easy to use applications
Keeps track of all permits including inspections and deficiencies
Real-time activity monitoring
Cloud based/td>
Integrate your GIS/GPS maps
Eliminate endless paperwork
Improve efficiency
Easy to use mobile application to track & complete inspections in the field

Powerful Mobile Capabilities

Manage inspections, add deficiencies including pictures, and sent your inspection report all from the field. Once you're done, synchronize to the cloud to update both your tablet and the office.

Permit Management

ProInspector provides a simple and easy to use application to efficiently manage your building department activities.

ProwareLabs provides enhanced communications and management tools to keep you on top of all interactions. It also serves up detailed reports on all activity and can be presented in several flexible modes.

ProwareLabs provides an integrated contact management features to keep you in touch with the people you need, when you need them. Track all field activities, schedule a critical inspection, develop a personal list of project-related contacts. It’s all at your fingertips to help manage your personnel and keep track of all activities with maximum efficiency. Information related to any permit or inspection is instantly available.

Proactive Strategy

ProInspector provides the ability to effectively manage multiple active and non-active permits while at the same time maximizing precious time. This approach provides CBO's with the ability to quickly understand all issue details (positioning and activity) in order to manage the ever increasing demands on the department.

Provincial and municipal government issues touch on various activities in your building department such as property assessment, tax rate increases, and environmental issues. Since many of these issues are cyclical in nature, city officials are now able to draw on historical data and past experiences to identify trends and develop proactive strategies to better manage the building department.

Why Choose ProInspector


Making the change to ProInspector is nearly effortless and allows you to increase efficiency almost immediately.

Custom Reports

Besides built-in reports for MPAC, Tarion, Statistics Canada, and CMHC, you can also generate custom internal reports such as year end, council reports, or other reports you require.

Import Legacy Data

Looking to make the change? We can import permits from other applications.

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